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Random Facts about Me

  • I still have a flip phone. Yes, this is true. It’s my choice dammit!!! And I hate text messaging. And no it’s not because my flip phone takes forever for me to text. I just hate text. And yes, it does take my flip phone forever to text.
  • I was born with extra fingers. Wait, what? Yeah…you read it correctly. On both hands I had extra pinky fingers. The docs tied them up to cut off the circulation and they fell off. It was the 70s and I was all of a week old so I remember none of this. Around the age of nine or so I would tell people I suspected it was a result of my mother smoking while she was pregnant with me. Not sure why I ran with that, but I’m surprised I still have edges since she is good for snatching them.
  • I’m kind of obsessed with 60s fashion and the 80s as a whole. I haven’t come to any conclusion as to why. It’s just a thing.
  • Though I love to read; most of my reading enjoyment is in reading Young Adult novels. I read all types of books, but there is something about a Young Adult book that draws me in. (Yes, that includes stories about vampires who have beef with wolves and fallen angels)
  • I’m socially awkward. I’m able to mask it at times, but for the most part I am uncomfortable in situations where the attention is on me. (Which sucks because I do a lot of presentations in my line of work) At a social gathering I’m most likely to be sneakily eating ALL of the buffalo wings, quesadillas, and deviled eggs.
  • I have a super irrational fear of the brain eating amoeba that lurks in lakes. I have no plans to go splashing around in a lake…hell I’m more likely to get on an aircraft for a trip that orbits the planet 12 times (and I do not like to fly, but I am working on that this year) than I am to go swim…which brings me to the next random fact…
  • Can’t really swim. Way to live up to that stereotype; right? Look, I took lessons twice as a kid and if I ever find myself in water I will be able to save myself, but do I count it as swimming? Not really.

Raven the (Random) Maven

Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

Married, mother of two … Nope, not gonna start like that. It’s the truth, but as women we often start off with our marital status and something along the lines of if we have previously carried a human in our uterus…as though we were nothing prior to the married/parental life. So, let’s try this again… I am a 39 (as of yesterday) year old woman who lives in The Great State and likes to chat about a little of everything. Books?  Yup.  Makeup? For sure.  Current events? You already know. Society?  That too.  Fashion? Sometimes.  Trials of parenting? Hell yeah!   Politics? **Record scratch** It will come up, but I’m far from a political maven (see what I did?).  So, in essence, I’m a little all over the place. I make my living by giving advice to high school students.  I may even sneak in a little about that from time to time, but not too much. (Don’t want students finding me)

So, welcome.  Come back often!

Raven the Maven