He Was Right

There have been many, many times in my life where I get excited about certain things. I come up with all of these great ideas for what I want to do. It starts off great…and then it fizzles. I told my husband I wanted to launch a blog. I have a lot of things I love to talk about…and what better way to do that than to start a blog? His words were measured, but he expressed concern that I would start off with excitement and then let it fade away. Immediately I was offended. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DON’T COMPLETE PROJECTS? I finished my Master’s! I set up my mom cave…and the only reason it’s not decorated is because I can’t find the furniture I like! (It didn’t even sound good in my thoughts) The paint job in the living room? Well, midway I decided I didn’t like the paint color. Even as I sat there rattling off different things I realized he’s right. It really hit me last week as I thought about how long it’s been since my last post. In theory starting a blog is easy. In execution…not so much. I do not have an official header. My page is basic as hell. I’m determined to fix this, but I recognize my own lack of urgency in doing this. Aesthetics aside, one has to be completely willing to be open and share. I typically like to hold things close, but I am on my countdown to 40 and I want to change the trend.  I’ll get it together. This blog will be a representation of me (or a complete failure). Until then…I will sit back and push myself to do it because I hate when he’s right.

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